In our opinion, Youri Rodrigue is the “go-to guy”. Youri not only works tirelessly for you, he works with you. He promotes your home/property in a professional, compelling way. He is extremely well-informed and able to provide potential buyers with expert and relevant information. In addition to the 4 years that we worked with him to sell our high-valued personal home – in a down market, we also used Youri to sell 2 of our revenue properties, when Proprio Direct proved itself to be an unreliable method. Both properties sold within 2 weeks of being placed on the market, and he succeeded in getting top market value for each of them. When using Youri to purchase a home, he grasps your needs quickly and presents you with choices that respond perfectly to your criteria. He is sincerely happy for you when you find what you’re looking for! Simply stated, “He’s the best!”

Wesley & Glenna Deere

My wife and I moved to Canada in 2006. We first met Youri at that time, he was the selling agent. Since 2006 we have stayed in touch with him and worked with him buying and selling an additional home, plus selling our original home that was purchased in 2006. Youri is the exception rather than the rule when it comes to buying or selling. He is both efficient and logical in all aspects of the selling/buying process. His professionalism in handling what can be at times difficult situations makes you value what maybe in the past you took for granted. Youri is a problem solve, proven negotiator and projects calm when others around him may not be. This gives you the edge if you have Youri in your corner. We are now looking to move further afield to buy once again. We have worked with and will continue to use Youri’s extensive knowledge moving forward. Having remained in touch for over 10 years, we consider him our “go to” guy for all matters real estate. Youri is a full-time, hard working professional in a business arena where there are too many non-focussed sales people operating. We would strongly recommend that you have the best on your side…Youri Rodrigue.

Scott Pickering

Youri est venu à nous très recommandé à partir de vieux clients a Youri. Notre propriété etais un défi en raison de son âge extrême, en dépit de son emplacement magnifique. Dans toutes nos relations avec Youri, il a été le professionnel et a travaillé avec diligence pour nous donner les meilleures chances de réussir, ce qui a été réalisé. Il était toujours poli, informatif et amical, et nous avions pleinement confiance en sa capacité en tout temps. Son utilisation de la photographie drone pour mettre en évidence l'emplacement est un bon exemple de sa pensée innovante et progressive. Nous n'hésitons pas à cet endossement de Youri Rodrigue.

Graham and Sue Campbell.

Youri a fait le nécessaire pour nous à plusieurs reprises et nous a pris soin de nous lors de la vente de notre ancienne maison et de l'achat de notre nouvelle maison. Je recommande fortement Youri pour ceux qui recherchent un excellent agent immobilier!

Mark Sanders